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Tyshawn Taylor is a great sleeper

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Our grade 10-12 presentation, "Sleep Fuels…everything" looks pretty good. We were very excited to perform it for the first time in front of the Brooklyn Boys and Girls High School in NY and gauge the childrens' reactions. What a terrific bunch of kids! We were very lucky too to have the help of the Brooklyn Nets! The exciting and wonderful Tyshawn Taylor over to help! What a rush!

In the middle of our "wake up to sleep" performance Tyshawn and his crew came running down the auditorium shouting, "Wake up! Wake up!" to 150 kids and they certainly did. Tyshawn gave some great points to all the children about his own success and how proper sleep recovery after hard practices helped him to get an edge. What a great day!

Teaching kids with our new "URsleepy" character strip

We are always trying different ways to get the message out about great sleep. Please look for our new weekly strip, "URsleepy" on our Facebook page. The strip introduces a sleep concept that may be technical hard for the children to understand in a simple fun format. The main character, yet unnamed, is a colorful sleepy young teen who deals with everyday issues related to sleep deprivation. Under the cartoon, we place sleep facts so the kids can more readily identify with our concepts. Check them out and make sure to "like us"!
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